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I vjetėr 1.1.1992, 23:23   1

Shkrim i cituar Sorosi nė rajon (neobolshevizmi)

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I vjetėr 3.1.1997, 23:19   2
Croatia Indicts 3 Officers With a Soros Foundation
Published: January 03, 1997

ZAGREB, Croatia, Jan. 2 — Croatia said today that three senior officials from a local branch of an international aid foundation sponsored by the American financier George Soros had been indicted on charges of tax evasion.

The indictments came after weeks of anti-Soros campaigning begun by President Franjo Tudjman at his party's annual congress in November, where he branded Mr. Soros an enemy of the state.

After a raid two weeks ago on the Zagreb offices of a Soros-sponsored group called the Open Society Institute, the police said they had found evidence of ''illegal financial transactions.'' According to the state news agency, the Zagreb prosecutor charged the group's director, Karmen Basic; the executive director, Srdjan Dvornik, and an accountant, Ivanka Marton.


Croatia Indicts Soros Employees
January 03, 1997|Times Staff and Wire Reports

The Croatian government indicted three senior executives from a local branch of an international humanitarian foundation sponsored by U.S. billionaire George Soros, accusing them of financial malpractice and tax evasion. It was not clear what penalties the three might face. The indictment came after weeks of anti-Soros campaigning initiated by President Franjo Tudjman. Tudjman has accused the foundation, the Open Society Institute, of supporting his opponents and attempting to change the ownership of the country's media. The state news agency HINA said the Zagreb public prosecutor charged that Soros employees had been receiving double salaries for a year--a regular one in Croatian currency and another in U.S. dollars that was not reported for state tax purposes. The allegedly unpaid taxes total $490,000. Arhey Neier, president of the Soros Foundations, parent of the Open Society Institute, said it believes the institute's accounting practices were lawful and proper.

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I vjetėr 8.5.1997, 22:29   3
Soros' network of information agencies for the rebuilding of former Yugoslavia
by Marko Barisic

Vjesnik, Zagreb, Croatia, May 8 1997

"On May 1, the second anniversary of the fall of western Slavonia and the greatest war tragedy of the Serb people from the then Republic of Serbian Krajina..." is the opening sentence of a report produced not by some Serbian press agency, as one might expect, but by the agency AIM (Alternative Information Network of Former Yugoslavia). The active goal of this information network, established in 1992 by, as they themselves say, independent journalists from the former Yugoslavia and European civic forum, is to "break down information blockades and facilitate the flow of objective information."

According to AIM, it is professional and objective to write that western Slavonia was "the Republic of Serbian Krajina," not a part of the Republic of Croatia, and that on May 1 (1995) it "fell" -- not, for example, was liberated from foreign occupation. If AIM aspired to objectivity, it could have used the phrase "war conflict," for example, but instead (probably to avoid confusion regarding his orientation) the author calls the military-police action "Flash" an "aggression of the Croatian army."

Promoting Integration of the former Yugoslavia Region

But more important than this text which, to be fair, perhaps does not reflect the general editorial policy of this agency, is the fact that the mentioned Alternative Information Network, like some other "information" agencies, has defined its area of activity as the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

"The support for all peace initiatives and strengthening of democratic processes in all countries of the former Yugoslavia" is their orientation, which in itself would not be so bad were it not a part of those political projects whose common denominator is: work on the renewal of the former Yugoslav state, which indirectly includes the attempts to weaken the newly established national states (especially Croatia, since such the reunification of Yugoslavia cannot be realized without Croatia's consent). But AIM is just a part of the already expansive network of information agencies and newspapers that operate on the territory of Croatia with the goal of "promoting information and media communication and the integration of the area of the former Yugoslavia and the countries of southern and eastern Europe."

This political (and media) activity of some Croatian citizens is not illegal, although the fact that all these "integration projects" are financed from abroad casts a shadow of doubt on their work. For example, AIM is partly financed by the European Union (which still takes a "regional approach" towards the former Yugoslavia). Feral, Feral Tribune, Arkzin, Bumerang ...are financially assisted by the controversial billionaire George Soros, who openly supports the return of the former communists to power.

The information agency "Stina" of Split (founded in 1993) is, in addition to Soros's "Open Society" (OSI), supported by the American Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (IDEE), which promotes the policy of its government in these areas through the program known as SECI (Southeastern Europe Cooperation Initiative).

Moreover, IDEE president Zbignew Brzezinsky (former advisor to US presidents) is a friend of, in Croatia often mentioned, George Soros and thus the circle of money, politics and media closes. Hence, it is no surprise that "Stina," which strives to build a "network of independent journalists" not only on the territory of former Yugoslavia but also in other eastern European countries and in the former Soviet Union (it is indicative that it even co-operates with reporters from Havana's Cuba Press), distinguishes itself with uncritical texts about the Republic of Croatia.

It is clear, on the basis of the list of financiers alone, that Stina would be very happy to see former communists in power in Croatia. That is why it is not at all strange that it is diligently and relentlessly working against the current (in its opinion, nationalistic) Croatian authorities.

Consequently, in Stina is not actually a group of "independent journalists," as it likes to call itself, but an agent of certain political powers which is carrying out its orders.
In and of itself, this is not necessarily a dishonest undertaking (especially since the political goals of the majority of recruited 'journalists' follow those of their masters) -- unless in the absence of positive projects it is working to create chaos in certain countries (as Soros's media agencies did in Albania).

Involvment in the Croatian Internal Affairs

Judging by the current media activities of certain Soros projects (which are generally based on the slogan, the worse for Croatia, the better), it would be difficult to connect them to any positive projects (development of democratic institutions, legal state, etc.). They openly oppose everything (even Racan's communists aren't communist enough for them). If this is how it is, it is no surprise that the government (which they wish to replace) does not look upon them with sympathy.

In addition, each ordered [sic] country (like today's Croatia is, to a large degree) does not wish that outside institutions (or countries that back them) get involved in its internal political life; thus it is no surprise that the Czech Republic, which enjoys a reputation as a democratic country, in large part banned the work of various Soros foundations that had flocked to its territory.

The list of Stina's customers demonstrates that there is reason enough to at least doubt such "information" agencies. The services of this agency are primarily used by newspapers financed by the Open Society Institute (besides Cuba Press). Not to give the wrong idea here, the people who work on these projects are not the enemies of Croatia. They are political rivals and it should be no wonder that the national administration, that is those who support current democratic order, has publicly expressed its disagreement with (or opposition to) their activities. It cannot be true that true democracy does not exist only in those countries where former communists have returned to power with Soros's help. In the Croatian version, could this perhaps also mean, as the Alternative Information Network writes these days, a return of "the Republic of Serbian Krajina"?

Thus, the former krajina, former communists, former Yugoslavia -- this is what is financed by Soros's money.

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I vjetėr 7.7.1999, 23:17   4
by Silvana Oruc Ivos

Vjesnik, Zagreb, Croatia, July 7 1999

ZAGREB - The controversial American billionaire George Soros, is continuing his "war" against Croatian President Dr. Franjo Tudjman.

In the latest edition of the German weekly Focus (27/1999), he drew a parallel between the Croatian President and Slobodan Milosevic, while reproaching NATO members for being too tolerant towards Croatia.

The interview to a certain extent sheds light on the affair which has been raging in Croatian media during the past few days, and which has portrayed this controversial benefactor and stock broker as either a victim or a "perpetrator", depending on who is writing or speaking about him.

As it is known, Vesna Skare-Ozbolt recently stated in Vienna, that during a discussion following a lecture, Soros announced that the next major task of his 'Open Society' is "to overthrow Tudjman's dictatorship." The media in Croatia financed by Soros immediately hastened to deny this, claiming that Soros did not mention such a thing in his written presentation. However, neither Soros nor his media in Croatia, at least for now, have not denied the claims by the Croatian ambassador in Vienna, that Soros made the statement during a discussion, responding to a question that was forwarded to him.

The event received a diplomatic dimension once the State Department reacted, coming to Soros' defense and requesting that Croatian politicians and media to refrain from criticism or, as it was stated, attacks against him and his institutions.

However, the article in Focus has an added significance. Primarily due to the fact that in a foreign weekly, without any restraint, Soros drew a parallel between the Croatian president and Slobodan Milosevic, a person who has caused four bloody wars in this region, is responsible for the most serious war crimes and violations of human rights and has been indicted for this by The Hague Tribunal. After all, the CIA has put in motion a plan to overthrow Milosevic and the USA and its allies have designated him as a political pariah.

In response to an explicit question by Focus: "Do you see any difference between Milosevic and the Croatian President Tudjman?," Soros responded: "There is no large difference. They both play the same keyboard," adding that due to cooperation with Croatia in the war agaainst Yugoslavia, NATO has been more tolerant of "antidemocratic developments" in Croatia, whereby NATO and its allies are "making a huge mistake".

This, indeed, was not all. Mister Soros, who in the interview complains that the Croatian "regime accuses him of wanting to overthrow Tudjman," asserted that , when the media is in question, "pressure in Croatia is considerably stronger than in Yugoslavia" and that he is concerned because the West is not doing much more in supporting independent media.

Naturally, Mister Soros has a right to his own opinion and assessment, but we also, in this case at least, have the right to wonder about his one-sidedness. Another reason for this is that the West (whose "ideology" Soros represents) recently bombarded Serbian television and Serbian radio stations with the excuse that they were participating in Milosevic's unprecedented atrocities in Kosovo and that they were lying just like Goebbels' propaganda did.

It would be too tiring to prove all the vile and inappropriate character of this Soros' comparison between Dr. Tudman and Milosevic, especially because ultimately it would not have any special effect insofar as similar claims have been made by domestic papers in Croatia so freely and so wholeheartedly financed on behalf of the 'Open Society' by Mister Soros.

The thing which does make sense is the fact that - if somebody is astounded by someone unjustly accusing them of wanting to overthrow a democratically elected president of a country, while in the meantime making statements similar to those in the latest issue of Focus - he is obviously being hypocritical.

Perhaps, we should end with an interesting remark, which sheds true light on the whole "affair". In response to a question by Focus whether he in the future intends to "invest in south-eastern Europe, particularly in Kosovo," Soros responded that Kosovo will be an "interesting region" in the future in which he would invest. He added that Kosovo, however, is too small and that is why "a larger region must be created!" [Croatian patriotic media frequently accuse Soros in particular and the West in general of trying to recreate Yugoslavia]

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I vjetėr 2.6.2006, 23:24   5
Open Society Institute in Croatia Closes Shop

Tomislav Domes

02 June 2006

The Open Society Institute Croatia announced, in a public release of Wednesday that it concluded its 14-year work in Croatia on May 31.

OSI Croatia was established in 1992, as support to the democratic development of Croatian Society. After the initial phase during which it concentrated on providing humanitarian assistance to the country at war, the Institute donated more than 55 million US Dollars as support for numerous initiative in the fields of education, media, art, culture, public health, law and economy, and greatly contributed to emergence and development of civil society in Croatia.

During the 1990s, OSI Croatia often worked in an environment that was not very inclined towards it, and contributed actively to the criticism of dominant political and social models, presenting an alternative to the authoritarian and nationalist beliefs and actions, thus helping the political changes and institutional reform.

After 14 years of systemic support to the democratization, in the context of Croatia's progress towards the EU integration, the people at the Institute are convinced that the civil society in Croatia reached the level of self-sustainability, necessary to function in accordance with European democratic standards.

We would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our collaborators, members of the Managing Board and programme boards, as well as the employees of the OSI Croatia, the state, cultural and scientific institutions, the media, as well as numerous partners and users of our programmes for their activism, enthusiasm and dedicated work on democratization and development of Croatian society, said OSI in a public statement.

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I vjetėr 14.6.2006, 23:05   6
Soros out of Croatia

As of June 1, 2006, Open Society Institute closed its offices in Zagreb, Croatia. OSI Croatia was active for 14 years spending $55 millions on development of civil society, education, public health, media, art, culture, and judiciary. OSI Croatia board of directors chairperson, Slavica Singer, affirmed OSI board's belief that Croatia's civil society is capable and self-sustainable within parameters of European democratic standards

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I vjetėr 16.9.2010, 23:57   7
Josipovic to talk with Soros about future projects in Croatia
Croatian Times

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic will meet with American billionaire George Soros in order to discuss funding for projects in Croatia.

The meeting will take place during Josipovic’s visit to the UN General Assembly in New York

While Soros has not expressed any plans to fund an institution similar to Open Society, which operated in Croatia in the past, the meeting might signal renewed interest in continuing and expanding his presence in the country.

The idea is to have an adviser in Croatia who would be an intermediary between local projects and the source of funding. Croatian daily Vecernji List has speculated that the person likely to fill the position is Tin Gazivoda, the director of the Human Rights Center in Zagreb.

Although Soros ended Open Society in 2006, he has continued to support financially some projects in Croatia to the tune of 1.5 million dollars annually.

http://www.croatiantimes.com/news/Ge...s _in_Croatia
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I vjetėr 24.9.2010, 23:25   8
Open society is back - George Soros plans to renew activities in Croatia

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic met in New York on Thursday the billionaire George Soros to discuss the situation in Croatia and in Southeast Europe and plans to renew activities of Soros's Open Society foundation in Croatia.

After the meeting, Josipovic told Croatian reporters that Soros was familiar with the situation in Croatia and the rest of the region and that he was interested in some information regarding the activities and financing of his projects in the region.

Josipovic said that a final decision on the renewal of activities of Open Society in Croatia had not been made yet and that there was no talk of concrete projects, but that his associates gave Soros information which they believed would help him make the best possible decision.

When asked if the return of Open Society to Croatia was an indication of weaknesses of democracy in Croatia and the underdevelopment of civil society, the president said that it was not necessarily a bad sign.

"We all know that Croatia has problems and that one should help the nongovernmental sector. Developing the nongovernmental sector contributes to democracy in developed societies and strengthens the authorities' capacities because the authorities that communicate with civil society can make better decisions," Josipovic said.

Before meeting Soros, Josipovic said that if Open Society renewed its activities in Croatia, they could focus on the integration of returnees, development of civil society and transparency of state institutions.

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I vjetėr 13.11.2010, 22:14   9
George Soros “meddlings” are well-known in Macedonia
By Joe Brooks

(WIREUPDATE) — Open Society Institute financier, George Soros was exposed as “The Puppet Master” in a three-part television series on Glenn Beck’s Fox News television program. Now a media group from Macedonia is speaking about Soros’ shady involvement in their own country.

The Macedonian International News Agency wrote on Friday about Soros’ political influence in Macedonia and nearby Croatia.

“Croatian portal ‘Business’ in an article yesterday, spoke of 2000, when HDZ (a political party in Croatia) lost its only Croatia elections ever as a result of Soros’ meddlings.”

“Soros’ dealings are very well known in Macedonia as well. The Open Society Institute headed by Vladimir Milcin is 100% owned and funded by Soros. More than a dozen Macedonian NGO’s are also funded by the Hungarian American. The most famous one is “Citizens for European Macedonia” who just like the Open Society Institute, publicly advocates change of constitutional name and constantly attacks any Government in power that doesn’t have Soros’ cronies in it (the SDSM).”

:The latest NGO funded by Soros is “Macedonian Center for European Education” headed by Radmila Shekerinska’s sister Ljiljana Shekerinska.”

“Soros, a simple man with a simple goal: world without borders, ruled by Soros,” MINA concluded.

On their website MINA describes FOX News as a partner.

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I vjetėr 5.4.2011, 23:54   10
Greqi, Papandreu takon Xhorxh Soros

ATHINE- Kryeministri Papandreu ka pritur sipėrmarrėsin e fuqishėm George Soros, nė njė takim tė mbyllur pėr mediat.

Pėrmbajtja e saktė e takimit nuk dihet ende, tė dhėnat e para bėjnė tė ditur se ėshtė folur lidhur me ekonominė ndėrkombėtare, krizėn nė eurozonė dhe zhvillimet nė Libi.

Sipas informacioneve nga takimi, Soros ėshtė treguar optimist pėr shpėtimin e Greqisė nga kriza, duke vlerėsuar se BE duhet tė tregojė mė shumė vulnet pėr tė ristrukturuar borxhin e vendeve mė tė dobėta.
Sipas Soros, shpėtimi do tė vijė, mjafton qė qeveria tė tregojė konsistencė nė pėrpjekjet pėr reforma.

Menjėherė pas kėtij takimi, kryeministri Papandreu kėrkoi nga ministri i Financave Papakonstantinou pėr t’u informuar mbi takimin me Trojkėn, ku ndėr tė tjera ėshtė diskutuar pėr pėrshpejtimin e zbatimit tė disa masave tė caktuara, qė nė Korrik tė kėtij viti e jo nė Janar tė 2012 sic ishte parashikuar.

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I vjetėr 15.6.2011, 23:08   11
Xhorxh Soros i akuzoi autoritetet financiare ndėrkombėtare pėr eskalimin e krizės tė debisė greke

Londėr, 15 qershor 2011 (MIA) - Financieri me renome botėrore dhe miliarderi Xhorxh Soros i akuzoi autoritet ndėrkombėtare financiare pėr moszbatimin e zgjidhjeve pėr krizėn debitore, pasi obligacionet e Greqisė mbrėmė pėrjetuan rėnie tė re dhe zhvlerėsim tė mėtejshėm nė tregun tė parave, lajmėroi korrespodenti i MIA-s nga Londra.

Sipas Soros, e gjitha kjo qė bėhet deri tani, nėnkupton vetėm blerje tė kohės, ndėrsa gjatė kėsaj asgjė thelbėsore nuk ndėrmerret Sjelljen e kėtillė Soros e konsideron si gabim tė madh, duke insistuar se vetėm pėr kėtė ka ndodhur eskalimi i krizės financiare greke.

Vendimi i agjencisė pėr vlerėsimin e rejtingut tė interesit "Standard&Purs" e rangoi debinė e Greqisė si mė pak tė vlefshėm nė botė, shkakton ērregullime tė reja nė tregun e interesit ndėrkombėtar. Investuesit menjėherė filluan tė kėrkojnė kompensim mė tė madh, qė ta mbulojnė rrezikun nga ruajtja e obligacioneve debitore greke.

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I vjetėr 27.6.2011, 23:09   12
Kryeministri Gruevski nė Pragė u takua me Xhorxh Sorosin, kryesues i Fondacioneve shoqėri e hapur

Shkup, 27 qershor 2011 (MIA) - Kryeministri Nikolla Gruevski sot nė Pragė, nė margjinat e takimit tė 20-tė tė Trupit udhėheqės ndėrkombėtar nė tė cilin Republika e Maqedonisė e ndėrmori kryesimin me Dekadėn pėr pėrfshirjen e romėve 2005-2015 nga Republika e Ēekisė, u takua me themeluesin dhe kryesuesin e Fondacioneve Shoqėri e hapur, Xhorxh Soros.

Siē kumtoi pres-shėrbimi qeveritar, nė takim kryeministri Gruevski e ka njoftuar bashkėfolėsin e tij pėr aktivitetet tė cilat Qeveria e Republikės sė Maqedonisė i ndėrmori nė fushėn e pėrfshirjes sociale tė romėve nė Republikėn e Maqedonisė, me ē'rast i theksoi aktivitetet tė cilat ndėrmerren nė domenin e arsimit, siē janė ndarja e bursave pėr romėt, ndėrtimi i shkollės sė mesme nė komunėn e Shuto Orizares dhe aktivitete tė tjera, si dhe pėrkrahja nė sferat e strehimit, punėsimit dhe shėndetėsisė.

Nė takim u fol edhe pėr Ligjin pėr trajtim tė objekteve tė ndėrtuara pa leje, pėr tė cilat fondacioni SOROS ofroi ndihmė pėr informimin e popullsisė rome pėr pėrparėsitė qė i ofron ligji dhe pėr nevojėn qė tė aplikohet nė kohė pėr fillimin e procesit tė legalizimit tė ndėrtimeve pa leje.

Nga ana e Sorosit iu ofrua pėrkrahje Republikės sė Maqedonisė pėr qasje mė tė lehtė dhe mė tė shpejtė nė fondet e BE-sė pėr ēėshtje qė kanė tė bėjnė me pėrfshirjen sociale tė romėve nė shoqėri dhe nė pėrgjithėsi, si dhe lidhur me zbatimin e aktiviteteve tė Dekadės sė romėve. Nė kėtė drejtim u theksua gatishmėria nga ana e tyre pėr ndihmė nė organizimin e takimit nismėtar nė Bruksel, qė do tė mbahet nė gjysmėn e dytė tė kėtij viti dhe nė tė cilin do tė marrin pjesė komisionarė evropian qė disponojnė me mjete financiare pėrkatėse pėr kėtė qėllim, me ēka do tė definohet buxheti, nė tė cilin mund tė mbėshtetet Republika e Maqedonisė gjatė kryesimit me Dekadėn pėr pėrfshirje tė romėve 2005-2015.

Dy bashkėbiseduesit erdhėn nė pėrfundim se komunikimi mes Qeverisė sė Republikės sė Maqedonisė dhe Fondacioneve shoqėri e hapur do tė vazhdojė nė nivel operativ me qėllim tė realizimit tė aktiviteteve nga plani pėr pėrfaqėsim mė efikas tė Republikės sė Maqedonisė me Dekadėn pėr pėrfshirje tė romėve 2005-2015.

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I vjetėr 28.6.2011, 00:15   13
Meeting of George Soros and Nikola Gruevski in Prague

Shtyp mbi foto pėr pėrmasat origjinale

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Madhėsia:	30,2 KB
NNJ:	7755Prague, 27.06.2011 - George Soros, founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations, met with Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in Prague to discuss the Macedonian Chairmanship of the "Decade of Roma Inclusion".

After the signing ceremony which was undertaken presidency from the Czech Republic, Soros and Gruevski discussed the challenges for advancing Roma inclusion through the four pillars of the Decade: access to education, employment, health and housing.

They agreed that coordination between European structures and national governments should be intensified. The benefits of improved cooperation will increase flexibility in the use of EU structural funds for the development of Roma.

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I vjetėr 26.7.2011, 14:29   14
Kreu i Fondacionit “Soros” rezulton ish-spiun

Kryetari i Fondacionit “Shoqėria e Hapur” nė Maqedoni, Vladimir Milēin nga Komisioni i Lustrimit ka rezultuar si ish-spiun i shėrbimeve sekrete.

Dramaturgu dhe letrari Milēin me nofkėn “Dramaturgu” jozyrtarisht nga Komisioni pėr hapjen e dosjeve thuhet se ka qenė bashkėpunėtor i sigurimit dhe se kishte detyra pėr grumbullimin e informacioneve pėr aktorėt dhe personat qė silleshin nė qarqet e artit. Siē thuhet ai kėto shėrbime nuk i kryente pėr para, por pėr avancim nė karrierėn e tij profesionale.

“Ekzistojnė dokumente qė thonė se ai ka bashkėpunuar me shėrbimet sekrete. Nė dosje ka deklarata qė thonė se ai ka bashkėpunuar me shėrbimet, gjegjėsisht se ka pranuar bashkėpunimin me to”, theksoi kryetari i Komisionit pėr Lustrimin, Tome Axhiev.

Por, Milēin ka mohuar sot se ka qenė bashkėpunėtor i sigurimit shtetėror dhe se ai pohimet e komisionit i ka vlerėsuar si gėnjeshtra.

Milēin, kryetari i Fondacionit “Shoqėria e Hapur – Soros” nė njė konferencė me gazetarėt deklaroi se nuk ka qenė bashkėpunėtor, por viktimė e sistemit, pėr shkak tė pjesėmarrjes sė tij nė organizata qė kundėrshtonin sistemin.

“Ky proces ėshtė proces pėr ballafaqim me ata qė mendojnė ndryshe, dhe nuk e dij se kush nuk mund tė kuptojė kėtė qė po ndodhė. Por, unė nuk do tė lejojė qė frika tė mė mbyllė gojėn”, deklaroi Milēin.

Milēin ėshtė personi i gjashtė qė ka rezultuar nė Komisionin pėr lustrimin si spiun, ndėrsa ai duhet tė tėrhiqet nga detyra e kreut tė Fondacionit, por edhe si profesor nė Fakultetin e Arteve. Media opozitare theksuan se bėhet fjalė pėr proces tė montuar, pasi qė Milēin ėshtė njė pėrkrahės i opozitės. (INA)

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I vjetėr 5.8.2011, 14:02   15
Regjisori Milēin ishte bashkėpunėtor i shėrbimeve sekrete

Shkup, 5 gusht 2011 Komisioni pėr verifikimin e fakteve nė seancėn e sotme e shqyrtoi ankesėn e Vladimir Milēinit dhe konstatoi se ai ka qenė bashkėpunėtor me shėrbimet sekrete.

"Komisioni pas kundėrshtimit me shkrim tė parashtruesit tė deklaratės, sot u prononcua me vendim, me tė cilėn u konfirmua se deklarata e tij me shkrim nuk ėshtė nė pajtim me tė dhėnat me tė cilat disponon Komisioni , pėr tė cilin shkak nuk plotėsohet kushti pėr ushtrimin e funksionit publik", deklaroi pėr MIA n kryetari i Komisionit pėr lustracion Tome Axhiev.

Vendimi ėshtė marrė nė pajtim me nenin 26 nga Ligji pėr lustracion. Lustratorėt pasi kanė konfirmuar se ka bashkėpunuar me shėrbimet sekrete, Milēin parashtroi ankesė deri te Komisioni, nė tė cilin u prononcua se nuk ka qenė bashkėpunėtor.

Pas vendimit tė Komisionit pėr verifikimin e fakteve, Milēinit i mbetet t'i ankohet Gjykatės Administrative dhe Supreme. Nėse konfirmohet se nė sistemin e kaluar ka qenė spiun qė tė pėrparojė nė karrierė, Milēin duhet tė tėrhiqet nga tė gjitha funksionet publike. Ai ėshtė regjisor i njohur dhe profesor nė Fakultetin e Arteve tė Dramės si dhe drejtor i organizatės joqeveritare "Shoqėria e hapur", e financuar nga Sorosi.

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I vjetėr 18.9.2011, 10:12   16
Forbs: Soros rrėzon qeveritė nė Evropėn Juglindore

Nė njė analizė nė numrin e radhės tė revistės prestigjioze “Forbs” nėnvizohet se miliarderi dhe themeluesi i Fondacionit “Soros”, Xhorx Soros po financon opozitėn pėr tė rrėzuar pushtetet nė Evropėn Juglindore.

Soros theksohet se synon qė tė blejė politikat qeveritare dhe shtetėrore nė kėto vende.

Revista “Forbs” shkruan se hebraiko-amerikani po investon pėr mbėshtetjen dhe formimin e partive opozitare nė Azerbejxhan, Kroaci, Serbi, Gjeorgji, Bjellorusi, ndėrsa nuk pėrmendet Maqedonia, edhe pse ka pasur zėra kritike ndaj Soros.

Revista shkruan se Soros gjen pėrkrahės dhe njerėz tė afėrt me opozitėn dhe ai financon aktivitete pėr rrėzimin e qeverive. Formohen organizata joqeveritare qė udhėheqin njerėzit qė kanė ndikim tė fortė tek opozita. Plani i Soros siē thuhet ka pėr qėllim edhe financimin e mediave antiqeveritare.

Kohė mė parė, qarqe pranė pushtetit aktual nė Maqedoni akuzuan se Soros financon pėr ēdo vit nė Maqedoni rreth 5 milion dollarė, qė shkojnė nė konton e Fondacionit “Shoqėria e Hapur”.

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I vjetėr 18.9.2011, 15:19   17
Dmth, Shqipėria ėshtė nė Jugperėndim tė Europės.
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Promovohet libri “Pėr globalizimin” nga Xhorxh Soros

Fondacioni “Shoqėri e hapur” nė Maqedoni sot promovoi versionin nė gjuhėn maqedonase tė librit “Pėr globalizimin” tė luftėtarit pėr demokraci dhe liri nė botė, Xhorxh Soros.

Libri i cili u publikua nė vitin 2002 pėrfshin dhe pėrforcon vizionin e ēliruar nga paragjykimet pėr globalizimin e formuluar nė librat e tij tė mėparshme.

Moderatori dhe njėherėsh drejtues i fondacionit pėr Maqedoninė, Vlladimir Milēin tha se botimi i librit nė maqedonisht ėshtė i nevojshėm pasi qė ndaj tij personalisht janė drejtuar shumė informata tė pasakta.

“Pėr arsye se tek ne qėndrimet e Xhorxh Sorosit kritikohen dhe se populli nuk ka njohuri pėr qėndrimet dhe rekomandimet e tij e promovojmė kėtė libėr “Pėr globalizimin”. Dėshirojmė qė opinioni tė njoftohet me qėndrimet dhe rekomandimet e tij. Nė kėtė libėr ka disa elemente qė janė tė pėrfshirė jo vetėm nė SHBA, por edhe nė Maqedoni. Kėtu ėshtė pėrfshirė aspekti politik dhe ekonomik. Ai e ka shkruar kėtė libėr jo vetėm qė tė sqaroi se si funksionon kapitalizmi global, por edhe qė tė jep rekomandime se si kjo tė pėrmirėsohet”, tha Milēin.

Nė promovimin e librit morėn pjesė profesorėt Stevo Pendarovski dhe Abdullmenaf Bexheti, tė cilėt folėn pėr librin nga aspekti politik dhe nga ai ekonomik.

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I vjetėr 27.2.2013, 21:18   19
'MJAFT': Qeveria diskriminon maqedonasit kundrejt shqiptarėve

Lėvizja maqedonase ‘Mjaft’ ka akuzuar qeverinė se nė punėsimet e fundit nė administratėn shtetėrore, po diskriminon maqedonasit, duke iu lėnė mė shumė shanse shqiptarėve. Punėsimet e tilla, sipas kėsaj lėvizjeje, lėkundin parimet bazė tė bashkėsisė shumicė.

“Sipas programit tė Qeverisė, vetėm nė 4 vitet e fundit janė punėsuar 2534 shqiptarė nė Qeveri dhe nėpėr ministri, duke e ulur kėshtu nė minimum numrin e maqedonasve. Obligimet e Marrėveshjes sė Ohrit tashmė kanė pėrmbushur. P.sh. nė ministrinė e Shėndetėsisė, 45  pėr qind e tė punėsuarve janė shqiptarė, ose nė ministrinė e Vetėqeverisjes Lokale, atė tė Ekonomisė, Ekologjisė et”.

Eksperti juridik Osman Kadriu thotė se reagimet e tilla janė kontradiktore me veten, pasi nė njė shtet si Maqedonia, komuniteti mė i madh nuk mund tė diskriminohet nga tė tjerėt.

“Tė flitet se maqedonasit janė tė diskriminuar nga shqiptarėt ėshtė kontradiktė me veten. Ne pėrdorim njė term nė drejtėsi ‘Contradictio in adjecto’, prandaj kjo nuk mund tė pranohet si realitet, si objektive, si e realtė dhe si ligjore dhe kushtetuese. Ēėshtja e punėsimit dhe pėrfaqėsimit janė tė drejta kushtetuese dhe konform tyre, i takojnė grupit tė tė drejtave ekonomike dhe sociale nė shtet. Tani kur i kemi parasysh kėto dispozita ne nuk mund tė flasim se kemi diskriminim pėr maqedonasit nga shqiptarėt”, deklaroi Osman Kadriu, ekspert juridik.

Sipas Kadriut, nė shtetet multi-etnike siē ėshtė edhe Maqedonia, komuniteti mė i madh duhet tė jetė garantues dhe pėrgjegjės pėr realizimin e tė drejtave dhe lirive tė tė gjitha komuniteteve tė tjera qė jetojnė nė kornizėn e atij shteti. Por nga Lėvizja maqedonase ‘Mjaft’ thonė se do tė vazhdojnė tė identifikojnė politikat diskriminuese ndaj maqedonasve, dhe do tė informojnė opinionin pėr padrejtėsitė qė pėrballen maqedonasit, nė emėr Marrėveshjes Kornizė tė Ohrit.

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I vjetėr 15.5.2013, 22:50   20
Zekolli dhe Ramadani anėtarė tė ri nė Soros-Maqedoni

Pas disa mandateve pa shqiptarė, tani nė bordin shtatė anėtarėsh janė caktuar edhe dy anėtarė shqiptarė: ish-ambasadori i Maqedonisė nė OSBE, Arsim Zekolli, dhe Ramadan Ramadani, hoxhė dhe aktivist nga Shkupi

Almakos nga burimet e veta mėson se Fondacioni Shoqėria e hapur – Maqedoni me miratim dhe sugjerim edhe nga qendra nė Nju Jork ka caktuar tre antarė tė ri nė bordin udhėheqės.

Pas disa mandateve pa shqiptarė, tani nė bordin shtatė anėtarėsh janė caktuar edhe dy anėtarė shqiptarė: ish-ambasadori i Maqedonisė nė OSBE, Arsim Zekolli, dhe Ramadan Ramadani, hoxhė dhe aktivist nga Shkupi. Bordi ėshtė organi mė i lartė udhėheqės i Fondacionit Soros pėr Maqedoni dhe pėrcakton dhe vendos pėr projektet, prioritetet dhe strategjinė e punės tė kėtij fondacioni.

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Merr pjesė nė diskutim

Ora nė Shqipėri ėshtė 15:47.

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