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When Dog-Barking at the Moon is Called Religion
By Kastriot Myftaraj, Thursday, June 3, 2010 - Sot Newspaper

If a pack of dogs bark at the Moon, I don't think it makes for a sight anyone will find anything spiritual in, but surely everyone will find it ugly. If somebody were to enter the Court of Tiranė and request to create an organization whose main goal would be to promote and support dog-barking in Albania, by erecting dog-barking temples, which would afterwards be equipped with megaphones to multiply the dog-barking, surely the Court would never allow this. Even if the initiator would come up with arguments pertaining to animal rights, the Court would never be convinced.

Nonetheless dog-barking is a legal religion in Albania, and in all Albanian territories in both sides of the border. Evidence for this is easy to find five times during day and night, when in all cities and villages of Albania, about 10,000 megaphones installed in 2,000 minarets bark in Arabic. In all Albanian territories on both sides of the border, in the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Kosovo, the Albanian part of FYRO Macedonia, Montenegro and in Preshevė Valley, there are approximately 6,000 minarets with 25,000 megaphones barking in Arabic. One megaphone per minaret isn't enough, so they install at least four of them, one for each cardinal direction. In some minarets, I've even seen megaphones installed one atop the other!

To the Albanian ear, not acquainted with this language of the deserts, this mega-bellowing in Arabic resembles much more with a dog's mega-bark. Therefore it sounds like 25 trillion dogs bark simultaneously five times, during day and night, throughout Albanian lands, on both sides of the border. This technological mega-barking becomes even stronger at night, when the Moon comes out, which then fully resembles dog habits, as anyone knows that dogs bark at the Moon. Moreover, this makes one think that even Muhammad, the very source of this ritual, whose face is not allowed to be shown, must have been a dog.

So, why should the observation of Islamic rituals by the believers, be accompanied with this technological mega-barking in Arabic?! Arabic may sound alright to Arabs when they hear it from their minaret megaphones, but in Albania and in all Albanian territories, on both sides of the border, it just sounds like dog-barking - a cosmic dog-barking. This technological mega-dog-barking goes on to properly show how absurd Islam's existence is in Albania. And this technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic is not carried out at all by Islamic radicals. No! This technological mega-dog-barking is organized by the very same legal institutions of Islam in the Albanian territories, the Islamic Community of Albania (Muslim Community of Albania), the Islamic Community of Kosovo and the Islamic Community of FYRO Macedonia.

The mega-dog-barking comes out of mosque minarets that are under the administration of these religious institutions. The current head of the Islamic Community of Albania, Hajji Doctor Selim Muēa, even holds his PhD from a university in Saudi Arabia, his main thesis being how to properly cover all Albanian territories with technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic. That is, what should the power and number of megaphones be in relation to the distance between mosques and minarets.

And Hajji Doctor Selim Muēa did actually bring mega-dog-barking in Arabic to perfection, in contrast to his predecessor. Twice a year, for Fitr Bayram and Kurban Bayram, heads of state, foreign ambassadors and other politicians meet and congratulate Hajji Doctor Selim Muēa, who, truth be said, feels very proud of his work in technological mega-dog-barking.

Technological mega-dog-barking in Albania is liked by just a handful of people, the so called "practicing Muslims". The majority of Albanians, whose forefathers were forcefully converted to the Islamic faith during Ottoman Turk occupation, feel no Muslim at all today, and neither do they practice this religion. For them this mega-dog-barking in Arabic is something that not only has no spiritual appeal whatsoever, but on the contrary, upsets, irritates and shocks them. It's my conviction that the more the heads of the Islamic faith in Albania, but also in Kosovo, feel that their follower numbers are shrinking, the more they pump up this Arabic mega-dog-barking, as if to compensate for the downfall of their religion.

This mega-barking in Arabic serves the same purpose of wheat, sugar, oil and other foods being distributed to poor people in mosques, mainly of the Roma and Balkan-Egyptian communities, who in return show-off in front of TV cameras as rent-a-crowd on Bayram prayers every year in the main square of Albania's capital. Thus they strive to create this spectacular scene and to implant the false impression that Islamic rituals are massively followed in Albania, which of course has nothing to do with reality.

With every passing day I'm more and more convinced that it is of no use anymore to make a distinction between practicing Muslims, the supposedly moderate, on one side - who also happen to be officials of the Muslim Community of Albania - and the radicals on the other. From the moment that Arabic mega-dog-barking is organized and carried out by the very Muslim Community of Albania, then in my eyes they are the same as Islamic fundamentalists.

Every mosque in Albania, where this technological dog-barking in Arabic comes from, comprises a Jihad tank. Every minaret where Arabic is barked from, in my eyes is a mortar, a missile, a howitzer of Jihad. Every single mosque minaret megaphone where Arabic is barked from, in my eyes is a sub-machine gun of Jihad. Every single sound of the mega-dog-barking in Arabic is, in my eyes, a shell shot by Jihadi firearms against the Albanian nation, against our dignity and our future.

Every man holding this mega-dog-barking as sacred, the practicing Muslim, is no Albanian at all, he is my very enemy I despise and will fight against. As long as the practicing Muslim cannot do away with this mega-dog-barking in Arabic, I will despise him. And I will keep despising the Albanian practicing Muslim even if the state goes on and forbids the mega-dog-barking in Arabic. Because the Albanian practicing Muslim will be upset about this prohibition, and will think and act to its restoration.

The Albanian practicing Muslim, who is dangerous exactly because he worships this mega-dog-barking, will become even more dangerous when he misses it, and will do everything he can to bring it back. Albanian practicing Muslims holding this mega-dog-barking in Arabic as sacred, are the Army of Jihad. They aren't yet fighting a proper war today, because they are exerting their demographic Jihad - meaning that they aim to grow their numbers first in society, through giving birth to as many children as possible so they may raise them as fundamentalists.

This technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic, with its arrogance, should make us understand what its worshipers will do tomorrow, when they will have become a group so strong, so as to feel superior in society by being an active minority. Because it is a wide known fact that radical movements spur from active minorities. Under the sounds of this technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic, tomorrow's bad news are hidden, of stone killing uncovered women not dressed in burqas, of compulsory dresses and beards for men, of imposing Quran in schools, of the Islamic state, of the Shariah courts, and other things that would turn Albania into a country similar to Afghanistan when it was ruled by the Taleban.

The technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic, is the Hymn of Jihad, that five times a day echoes in all Albanian territories. I despise the Islamic religion in Albania because it has self-identified with this mega-dog-barking in Arabic. But I would despise it even if this mega-dog-barking in Arabic was to be prohibited, because the Islamic religion would consider this prohibition as a violation.

Mega-dog-barking in Arabic is liked in Albania by two categories of beings: practicing Muslims and dogs. When time strikes for technological mega-barking in Arabic, all dogs within its range automatically start barking. And because Hajji Doctor Selim Muēa, the chief expert of mega-barking in Arabic, designed it in such a way so as to cover all areas of Albania, by extension all dogs in Albania start barking. This spreads out in Kosovo, the Albanian part of FYRO Macedonia, Montenegro, Preshevė Valley, and thus five times a day the Albanian territories are overrun by an odd choir of barking dogs and Arabs.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Albania the Albanian state has an obligation to protect Albanian national interests over borders. And I ask here, is this technological mega-barking in Arabic a "national interest"? Is this five times a day mega-barking in Arabic acceptable in the name of religious tolerance? Tolerance towards whom, towards humans or towards dogs? There is no religious tolerance towards dogs. But despite this, the mega-barking in Arabic is still accepted in the name of religious tolerance. Thus, a dog barking at the Moon, is now called a religious act.

The Muslim Community of Albania is offending and degrading everyone with this mega-dog-barking in Arabic. And then, the head of the Islamic Community, Hajji Doctor (in technological mega-dog-barking) Selim Muēa, master chief of technological Jihad in Albania, dares accusing me of inciting national hatred, and of inducing panic! I do not hesitate declaring before the media, the Prosecutor, the Court, and anywhere else, that in full conscience and with all my intellectual and spiritual vigor, I will incite the deepest despisal, the outmost enmity, towards the carriers of a religion that has made technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic its supreme value.

I do not hesitate in asking for the deislamization of Albania and Albanians, the prohibition of Islam by law, as a religion identified with this technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic. I would request the deislamization of Albanians and the prohibition of the Islamic religion by law, even if this technological mega-dog-barking were to be prohibited by law, because I know that those who organize it, those who perpetrate and worship it, would suffer from the lack of technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic and would do anything to bring it back.

We all know the expression that "Barking dog doesn't bite". But the technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic is a warning of a terrible bite against Albania and the whole Albanian nation. The technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic shows that Islam in Albania has become a rabid dog, and rabid dogs are eliminated. The technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic, five times a day, serves another purpose though, it reminds us of the coming danger, five times during day and night. Against this danger I have warned before and I will keep warning against.

And prosecutors and judges, whoever they may be, can forget me undergoing any investigation, or legal process initiated by the very master chief of technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic in Albania, Hajji Doctor Selim Muēa. For as long as the General Prosecutor, Ina Rama, has her office surrounded by 10-15 megaphones from the three minarets in her proximity, which unleash in full force their technological mega-dog-barking in Arabic, it is outright comic that any decision of her office will be ever taken seriously.
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Although I agree with this person's feelings, I don't see why he has to insult dogs by comparing them to muslims
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I vjetėr 26.11.2015, 12:14   5
Only in Albania? TECHNOLOGICAL MEGA DOG BARKING IN ARABIC is running all over the world
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